Snooker Board Table I Tanishq Billiards Delhi India

Snooker Board Table I Tanishq Billiards Delhi India

Snooker Table

The most common type of Snooker table is designed for playing eight-ball, the popular recreational pool game. It features six pockets, one at each corner and one at the midpoint of each long side. The pockets are usually lined with rubber or synthetic materials to facilitate ball absorption and reduce noise.

 A top the playing surface, Snooker tables feature markings and guidelines to aid players in positioning the balls accurately. These markings typically include dots, lines, and diamonds, strategically placed to help players aim and plan their shots effectively. In addition, many tables have a "cue ball" and "kitchen" markings, which indicate specific areas for placing the cue ball during the opening shot of a game. 

Snooker tables are equipped with a set of balls that vary depending on the game being played. For example, in eight-ball, a set of 15 object balls numbered from 1 to 15 are used, along with a white cue ball. The balls are arranged in a specific triangle pattern at the beginning of each game. To enhance gameplay and accommodate different skill levels, Snooker tables may come with adjustable features such as leveling mechanisms to ensure a perfectly flat playing surface. 

Some advanced tables even have slate playing surfaces, which provide exceptional accuracy and consistency in ball roll. Snooker tables are often found in recreational spaces such as pool halls, bars, game rooms, and even private residences. They provide a social and competitive environment where players can enjoy friendly matches, hone their skills, and engage in the strategy and precision required by cue sports. The elegant design and presence of a Snooker table make it a focal point in any room, adding a touch of sophistication and entertainment to the surroundings.

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